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RRTC Ted Corbitt Award – 2017 Winners

This award is given in honor of Ted Corbitt to a person who has demonstrated a superior level of skill, consistency and competency in course measurement and certification over a sustained, extended period of years.

2017 Winners – Bob Letson, Gene Newman, Mike Wickiser

Bob Letson

Bio coming soon.


Gene Newman

2017 award recipients
920 N. Night Heron Drive
Green Valley, AZ

Gene first started running in high school, and in the late 70s got back into competing on the road race circuit later in life. He never considered himself to be fast, but enjoyed meeting people with a common interest. He became President of the Boardwalk Runners in 1983 and saw how important accurate courses were to most serious runners. As a runner, he also wanted courses to be accurate. His first experience with measuring was the Atlantic City Marathon in the early 80’s. Being a HS Math Teacher it stirred his interest and hence his first course paperwork was submitted to George Delaney. When George resigned as NJ Certifier in the early 90s, Dan Brannen was appointed as the New Jersey Certifier. Gene helped Dan with several measurement in the early 90s, and in 1994 was honored to be asked to become the certifier for the state of New Jersey. In 1996 he was appointed as certifier also for the state of Delaware.

While acting as the certifier of New Jersey Gene was contacted by a reporter from the New York Times about doing a story. He thought it was a joke because the reporters last name was Kent (as in Clark Kent of Superman fame). So he was surprised when an interview actually happened and the story appeared in the New York Times the next Sunday.

Gene met Frank Greenberg, past President of TAC(USATF), in the early 80s, and with his encouragement I got involved with some policy work in the TAC. He enjoyed attended the Mid Atlantic TAC meetings, and was proud that his running club received several TAC awards during my years as President of the Boardwalk Runners.

In 2002 Gene moved to Arizona, and was appointed Regional Certifer for Arizona and New Mexico by Tom McBrayer. One of his first duties as Arizona Regional Certifier was to help with a measurement workshop in Phoenix, where he worked with Pete Riegel and Mike Wickiser and realized how important there lifelong work was for the RRTC.

In the spring of 2004 Tom McBrayer asked Gene to be the Vice Chair of the Road Running Technical Council, and was appointed to that position in the fall of 2004. In the fall of 2005 at the USATF annual meeting, Mike Wickiser asked Gene if he would be willing to take over the position as Chair of the RRTC. In 2006 Bill Roe of USATF appointed Gene as the chair of the RRTC, a post he held until 2016.

In addition to holding several officer positions in the RRTC, Gene has been a prolific road course measurer as well, having measured and certified approximately 500 courses over the years.

Gene is honored to be selected as a recipient of the Ted Corbitt Award. He has made many life-long friends during his involvement with the RRTC and USATF. He would like to thank Jane Parks, Bob Baumel, and the other officers of the RRTC for their support during his time as chair, and Bill Roe, Jim Estes, and Fred Finke of the USATF for their support as well.


Mike Wickiser

2017 award recipients
Mike Wickiser the reports of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Marathon measurement and an article by Pete Riegel in Ohio Runner magazine about TAC Certification.

After participating in the measurement of the Olympic Trials Marathon in 1988, Mike was offered the opportunity to conduct a Validation ride in support of a 25k open record.

He subsequently attended and conducted several Olympic Trials course measurements and Measurement workshops. He served in positions as Certifier in Indiana, Washington, and Ohio, RRTC Validations Chair, Vice Chairman East, and Chairman until 2005. After which, held the Training position.

In 2015 Mike was once again named Validations Chair and continues to hold that position.

During his career in measuring, Mike has measured over 250 courses and conducted Validation/Verification measurements of over 30 road courses, for pre-race verification, records support, and Olympic courses.

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