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Andrea Geubelle

Andrea Geubelle

Event: Triple Jump, Long Jump
Height: 5-5
PR: Triple Jump - 14.18/46-6.25 (2013); Long Jump - 6.53m/21-11.5 (2013)
Born: 06/26/1991
Current Residence: Lawrence, Kan.
Hometown: University Place, Wash
High School: Curtis Senior High '09
College: University of Kansas
Coach: Stanley Redwine
USA Championships
2013 USA Outdoor champion (14.03m/46-0.5)
2014 USA Indoor TJ runner-up (13.66m/44-9.75)
2014 USA Indoor LJ bronze medalist (6.61m/21-8.25)
2012 Olympic Trials triple jump bronze medalist (13.79m/45-3)
2010 USA Junior triple jump champion (13.29m/43-7.25) and long jump runner-up (6.20m/20-4.25

International Championships
2012 NACAC U23 triple jump champion (13.14m/43-1.5)

Collegiate Championships
2013 NCAA Indoor long jump and triple jump champion - LJ (6.55m/21-6); TJ (14.18m/46-6.25)
2012 NCAA Indoor triple jump champion (13.67m/44-10.25)
2012 NCAA Outdoor triple jump bronze medalist at NCAA Outdoors TJ (13.84m/45-5)

About Andrea
Andrea Geubelle finished the 2013 season ranked as the best female american triple jumper. Her season consisted of a USA Outdoor championship and personal bests in both the triple jump (14.18/46-6¼) and long jump (21-11½). At only 20-years-old Geubelle finished third at the 2012 Olympic Trials. While she was a favorite to win the 2012 NCAA Outdoor Championships, a protest was filed and her best jump was ruled a foul, knocking her to third place. Geubelle is studying community health and has plans to attend nursing school in the coming years.
 3rd at USA Indoors LJ (6.61m/21-8.25); 2nd at USA Indoors TJ (13.66m/44-7.75); 8th at adidas Grand Prix (12.83m/42-1.25); 5th at USA Outdoors TJ (13.46m/44-2); 9th at USA Outdoors LJ (6.23m/20-5.25)
2013: 1st at USA Outdoors Triple Jump (14.03m/46-0.5), 7th in Long Jump (6.37m/20-10.75); 2nd at NCAAs in Triple Jump (13.63m/44-8.75), 2nd in Long Jump (6.50m/21-4); 1st at Big 12 Outdoors TJ (13.59m/44-7, 2nd in LJ (6.53m/21-5.25); 1st at NCAA Indoors TJ (14.18m/46-6.25), 1st in LJ (6.55m/21-6); 1st at Big 12 Indoors TJ (13.49m/44-3.25), 2nd in LJ (6.51m/21-4.25)
2012: 1st at NACAC U23 TJ (13.14m/43-1.5); 3rd at Olympic Trials TJ (13.79m/45-3), 11th in LJ (6.29m/20-7.75); 3rd at NCAA Outdoors TJ (13.84m/45-5), 6th in LJ (6.50m/21-4); 1st at Big 12 Outdoors TJ (13.48m/44-2.75), 2nd in LJ (6.50m/21-4w); 1st at NCAA Indoors TJ (13.67m/44-10.25), 5th in LJ (6.33m/20-9.25); 1st at Big 12 Indoors TJ (13.59m/44-7), 2nd in LJ (6.18m/20-3.5)
2011: 11th at USA Outdoors TJ (12.88m/42-3.25); 8th at NCAA Outdoors TJ (13.06m/42-10.25), 21st in LJ (5.99m/19-8); 3rd at Big 12 Outdoors LJ (6.44m/21-1.5), 5th in TJ (13.20m/43-3.75w), 6th in 4x100m (45.01); 8th at NCAA Indoors TJ (13.02m/42-8.75); 4th at Big 12 Indoors TJ (13.01m/42-8.25), 10th in LJ (5.84m/19-2)
2010: 9th at World Juniors TJ (12.87m/42-2.75), 7th in qualifying round LJ (12.87m/42-2.75); 1st at USA Juniors TJ (13.29m/43-7.25), 2nd in LJ (6.20m/20-4.25); 4th at NCAA Outdoors LJ (6.24m/), 6th in TJ (12.98m/42-7); 2nd at Big 12 Outdoors TJ (12.93m/42-5.25), 2nd LJ (6.21m/20-4.5), 1st in 4x100m (46.49); NM at NCAA Indoors TJ; 3rd at Big 12 Indoors TJ (12.91m/42-4.5), 5th LJ (6.19m/20-3.75)
2009: 1st at Junior Olympics TJ (12.45m/40-10.25), 3rd LJ (5.89m/19-4); 6th at USA Juniors TJ (12.51m/41-0.5), 7th in LJ (5.92m/19-5.25)

U.S. and World Rankings and Personal Bests
Indoor bests - LJ (6.61m/21-8.25); TJ (13.66m/44-7.75); Outdoor bests - LJ (6.50m/21-4) TJ (13.69m/44-11) 
2013: Indoor bests - LJ, 6.69/21-11½ (No. 5 in the USA, No. 11 in the World,); TJ, 14.18/46-6¼ (No. 1 in the USA, No. 12 in the World); Outdoor bests -  LJ, 6.69/21-11½ (No. 12 in the USA, No. 31 in the World, No. 7 in USA by T&FN); TJ  14.18/46-6¼ (No. 1 in the USA, No. 24 in the World, No. 1 in the USA by T&FN)
2012: Indoor bests - LJ, 6.37m/20-10.75 (No.15 in the USA); TJ, 13.67m/44-10.25 (No. 4 in the USA); Outdoor bests - LJ, 6.50m/21-4(17th in the USA); TJ, 13.84m/45-5 (No. 4 in the USA)
2011: Indoor bests - LJ, 6.21m/20-4.50 (No. 12 in the USA); TJ, 13.20m/43-3.75 (No. 6 in the USA); Outdoor bests - LJ, 6.30m/20-8; TJ, 13.06m/42-10.25
2010: Indoor bests - LJ, 6.19m/20-3.75; TJ, 12.91m/42-4.25; Outdoor bests - LJ, 6.37m/20-10.75; TJ, 13.29m/43-7.25
2009: Indoor bests - LJ, 6.04m/19-9.75; TJ, 12.63m/41-5.25; Outdoor bests - LJ, 6.11m/20-0.5; TJ, 13.06m/42-10.25
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