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Jarred Rome

Jarred Rome

Event: Discus Throw
Height: 6-4
Weight: 308
PR: DT 68.44m/224-6 (2008); SP 20.40m/66-11.25 (2006)
Born: 12/21/1976
Current Residence: Chula Vista, Calif.
High School: Marysville-Pilchuck (Marysville, Wash.) HS '95
College: Boise State '00
Coach: Art Venegas
Agent: Valentina Fedjuschina
Personal Website
USA Championships
Two-time USA Outdoor Champion – 2011 (63.99m/209-11); 2004 (65.77m/186-6)
Three-time USA Outdoor runner-up - 2005 (62.50m/205-1); 2009 (63.48m/208-3); 2012 (63.35m/207-10)
Three-time USA Outdoor bronze - 2010 (61.03m/200-3); 2007 (63.56m/208-6); 2006 (60.93m/199-11)

International Championships
2011 Pan Am Games silver medalist (61.71m/202-5)

Collegiate Championships
1997 NCAA Outdoor Championships Discus silver medalist

Awards and Honors
Six-time NCAA Division I All-American
Inducted into the Boise State Hall of Fame in 2007

About Jarred
Rome didn’t start to take throwing seriously until he injured his knee during his senior year of high school football, but he developed into a six-time All American thrower at Boise State University by the time he graduated in 2000. The two-time Olympian lives and trains at the Chula Vista Training Center, but also finds time to serve as the Head Throws Coach at Mesa College in nearby San Diego. Rome also hosts several coaching clinics throughout the year as well. Outside of the throwing circle, Rome holds an MBA, has spent time working as a substitute teacher and enjoys camping, hiking, mountain biking and fishing. Rome appeared in a photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine prior to the 2008 Olympics where he hoisted couture wearing supermodels over his shoulders.. He can bench press more than 175 percent of his body weight with a best of 550 pounds, and can squat more than 225 percent of his body weight with a best of 704 pounds. 
2012: 17th in Group "B" at Olympic Games (59.57m/195-5); Olympic Trials runner-up (63.35m/207-10); 9th at Adidas Grand Prix (60.22m/197-7); 6th at Rome (60.19m/197-5).
2011: 8th in qualifying group at World Championships Outdoor (62.22m/204-1); 2nd at Pan Am Games (61.71m/202-5); 1st at USA Outdoors (63.99m/209-11); 9th at Doha (59.48m/195-1)
2010: 9th at Monaco (61.91m/203-1); 3rd at USA Outdoors (61.03m/200-3); 7th in Shanghai (62.04m/203-6);  7th at Pre Classic (62.46m/204-11)
2009: 11th at World Outdoors (62.47m/204-11); 2nd at USA Outdoors (63.48m/208-3); 1st at Chula Vista (65.56m/215-1)
2008: 11th at Olympic Trials (58.95m/193-05); 1st at adidas Track Classic (65.09m/213-06): 2nd at Reebok Grand Prix (66.17/217-1)
2007: 8th in Group B qualifying at World Outdoors (61.87m/203-0); 6th at Stuttgart (62.05m/203-7); 7th at Oslo (62.58m/205-3); 3rd at USA Outdoor Champs (63.56m/208-6); 1st at Reebok Grand Prix (66.84m/219-3); 7th at Doha (61.22m/200-10)
2006:  3rd at USA Outdoors (60.93m/199-11); 2nd Pre Classic discus 65.72m/215-7) and 6th in shot (19.52m/64-0.5); 7th at Athens (63.41m/208-0)
2005: 7th at World Outdoor (64.22m/210-8); 8th at Zurich (62.68m/205-7); 9th at Madrid (59.89m/16-6) 2nd at USA Outdoors (62.50m/205-1)
2004:14th in qualifying at Olympic Games (61.55m/201-11); 8th at Zurich (62.01m/203-5); 1st at Olympic Trials (65.77m/215-9); 1st at Chula Vista (67.51m/221-6);
2003: 6th in Flight #2 at USA Outdoors (56.84m/186-6)
2002: 8th at USA Outdoors (60.14m/197-4)
2001:  5th at USA Outdoors (62.06m/203-7); 8th at World University Games (59.59m/195-6)
2000: 8th in shot at Olympic Trials (18.65m/61-2.25); 13th in discus qualifying at Olympic Trials (58.18m/190-10); 5th at NCAA Outdoors in shot; 7th at NCAA Outdoors in discus; Big West Conference DT champ and runner-up in shot.
1998:  Big West Conference discus champ; 11th at NCAA Champs
1997: 2nd at NCAA Champs discus;1st at Big West Conference Champs discus 

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
Outdoor bests -  64.76m/212-5 (No. 4 in the USA, No. 40 in the world) 
2011: Outdoor bests  - 68.76m/225-7 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 3 in the world)
2010: Outdoor bests  - 66.71m/218-10 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 11 in the world)
2009: Outdoor bests  - 65.56m/215-1 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 15 in the world)
2008: Outdoor bests  - discus 68.44m/224-6 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 8 in the world)
2007: Outdoor bests  - 68.37m/224-3 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 4 in the world)
2006: Outdoor bests – 67.25m/220-7 (No. 3 in the USA, No. 8 in the world) ; shot put, 20.40m/66-11.25 (No. 10 in the USA)
2005: Outdoor bests – 67.39m/221-1 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 5 in the world)
2004: Outdoor bests – 67.51m/221-6 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 9 in the world)
2003: Outdoor bests – 62.68m/205-7 (No. 9 in the USA, No. 40 in the world)
2002: Outdoor bests – 65.92m/216-3 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 18 in the world); shot put, 20.17m/66-2.25 (No. 11 in the USA, No. 31 in the world))
2001: Outdoor bests – 65.53m/214-11 (No. 4 in the USA); shot put 19.29m/63-3.5
2000: Outdoor bests – 64.00m/210-0 (No. 10 in the USA); shot put, 19.50m/63-11.75 (No. 16 in the USA)
1999: Indoor bests – shot put, 18.81m/61-8.5; Outdoor bests – 56.84m/186-5
1998: Outdoor bests – 59.78m/196-1; shot put, 17.99m/59-0.25
1997: Outdoor bests – 59.78m/196-1; shot put 18.03m/59-2
1996: Indoor bests – shot put, 16.72m/54-10.25; Outdoor bests – 53.14m
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