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Stephanie Brown Trafton

Stephanie Brown Trafton

Event: Discus Throw
Height: 6-4
Weight: 205
PR: 67.74m/222-3 (2012) AR
Born: 12/01/1979
Current Residence: Galt, Calif.
Hometown: Arroyo Grande, Calif.
High School: Arroyo Grande H.S.
College: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo '03
Coach: Mike Curry
Agent: Valentina Fedjuschmina
Personal Website
USATF Championships
2012 Olympic Trials champion (65.18m/213-10)
Two-time USATF Outdoor champion – 2011 (63.35m/207-10); 2009 (64.25m/210-9)
2004 Olympic Trials runner-up (61.90m/203-1)
Two-time USATF Outdoor bronze medalist – 2010 (59.53m/192-0); 2008 (62.65m/205-06)

International Championships
2008 Olympic champion (64.74m/212-5)
2007 NACAC champion (59.27m/194-5)

Collegiate Championships
2003 NCAA Outdoor runner-up (55.30m/181-05)
2003 NCAA Indoor shot put bronze medalist (17.28m/56-08.50)

Awards and Honors
2008 Jesse Owens Athlete of the Year
American record holder (67.74m/222-3) 

About Stephanie
Brown-Trafton made history in 2008 by winning the first American Olympic gold medal in the discus since Lillian Copeland’s victory in 1932. Threw her best mark on her first attempt at the Olympic Games and no one was able to throw within a meter through the rest of competition. Ending the 76-year gold draught in her event brought Brown-Trafton to the forefront of American track and field and garnered her the sport's top honor of the Jesse Owens Award as the top female athlete of the year. Brown-Trafton and her husband enjoying hunting for recreation.  She wanted to be an Olympian since she was four-years-old when her father bought her a Mary Lou Retton leotard. Leading up to the 2008 games she worked in the Information Technology Services department at Sycamore Environmental Consulting. Majored in Industrial Engineering. She now works as a volunteer Director of Operations for Sacramento State Track & Field.
4th at USA Outdoors (58.84m/193-0)
2012: 4th at Zurich (60.99m/200-1); 5th at Stockholm (63.34m/207-9); 8th at Olympic Games (63.01m/206-08); 4th at Monaco (63.70m/209-0); 1st at Olympic Trials (65.18m/213-10); 2nd at Shanghai (64.20m/210-7);1st at Wailuku Challenge (67.74m/222-3AR); 1st at Perth Track Classic (61.71m/202-5); 1st at Sydney Track Classic (63.23m/207-5).
2011: 5th at Bruselles (60.82m/199-06); 5th at World Outdoors(63.85m/209-05); 3rd at Monaco (62.07m/203-7); 4th at Lausanne (61.94m/203-02); 1st at USA Outdoor (63.35m/207-10); 1st at New York Grand Prix (62.94m/206-6)
2010: 9th at Paris (59.03m.193-8); 8th at Lausane (58.81m/192-11); 3rd at USA Outdoors (59.53m/192-0); 8th at New York Grand Prix (55.67m/182-07); 7th at Doha (54.14/177-7); 4th at Osaka (56.65m/185-10)
2009: 6th at World Athletics Final (59.66m/195-9); 12th at World Outdoor (58.53m/192-0); 1st at USA Outdoor (64.25m/210-9); 1st at New York Grand Prix (63.97m/209-10); 1st at Pre Classic (63.98m/209-11)
2008: 3rd at World Athletics Final (62.23m/204-02); 1st at Olympic Games (64.74m/212-5); 3rd at Olympic Trials (62.65m/205-06); 1st at Nike Prefontaine Classic (63.50m/208-4); 3rd at New York Grand Prix (62.34m/204-06)
2007: 1st at NACAC (59.27m/194-5); 5th at USA Outdoor (55.03m/180-6); 5th at New York Grand Prix (55.59m/182-04)
2006: 4th at USA Outdoors (55.71m/182-9); 1st at USATF Pacific Association Champs (56.76m/186-2)
2005: No mark at USA Outdoor; 4th at Stanford (55.35m/181-7)
2004: 11th at Group A at Olympic Games (58.54m/192-1); 2nd at Olympic Trials (61.90m/203-1) and 4th in shot put (17.34m/56-10.75); 3rd at USA Indoors shot put (17.61m/57-09.50).
2003: 8th at USA Outdoors (57.78m/189-7); 2nd at NCAA Outdoors discus (55.30m/181-05)and 4th in shot put (17.37m/57-0); 1st at Big West Outdoor discus (56.03m/183-10) and 1st in shot put (17.07m/56-0); 3rd at NCAA Indoor shot put (17.28m/56-08.50)
2002: 8th at USA Outdoor shot put (15.47m/50-09.25); 4th at NCAA Outdoors discus (54.11m/177-6); 10th in SP at NCAA Indoors (15.99m/52-5.5i); 1st at Big West Outdoor discus (50.07m/164-03) and shot put (15.88m/52-01.25).
2001: 8th in SP at USA Outdoors (15.47m/50-9.25); 7th at NCAA Outdoors shot put (16.31m/53-06.25); 1st at Big West Outdoor shot put (16.08m/52-09.25).
2000: Did not compete
1999: 14th at NCAA Outdoor shot put (14.96m/49-1) and 20th in discus (45.76m/150-1)

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
Outdoor bests - 59.33m/194-65
2012: Outdoor bests - 67.74m/222-3 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 6 in the world, ranked No. 1 in the USA & ranked No. 5 in the world by T&FN)
2011: Outdoor bests – 64.13m/210-4 (No. 2 in the USA,  No. 7 in the world, ranked No. 1 in the USA & ranked No. 5 in the world by T&FN)
2010: Outdoor bests – 66.21m/217-2 (No. 4 in the USA by T&FN, No. 21 in the world)
2009: Outdoor bests – 66.21m/217-2 (No. 1 in the USA by T&FN, No. 2 in the world)
2008: Outdoor bests – 66.17m/217-1 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 3 in the world, ranked No. 1 in the world by T&FN)
2007: Outdoor bests – 61.40m/201-5 (No. 4 in the USA, No. 27 in the world)
2006: Outdoor bests – 59.03m/193-8 (No. 4 in the USA)
2005: Outdoor bests – 55.35m/181-7 (No. 19 in the USA)
2004: Outdoor bests – 61.90m/203-1 (No. 5 in the USA , No. 30 in the world)
2003: Outdoor bests – 57.78m/189-7 (No. 8 in the USA)
2002: Outdoor bests – 53.94m/177-0
2001: Outdoor bests – 51.46m/168-10
2000: did not compete
1999: Outdoor bests – 45.76m/150-1
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