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Bib Numbers, Hip Numbers, Chip Timing

Each athlete will be assigned a bib number, one hip number to be worn on the left hip, and two data tags at packet pick up.  Athletes in all races will be required to wear all of these identifiers to ensure races are properly scored.

Athletes must wear the bib numbers and data tags assigned to them on the information sheet in their packet.  If any of these are lost or forgotten, replacements can be supplied at packet pick up on the day of the race for a fee.  Bib number replacement fee is $5.00 and chip replacements are $10.00.

The bib number must be worn on the front of the athlete’s outer layer of race clothing and cannot be folded or altered in any way.    Each number will have a pull tab at the bottom.  Do not remove pull tab at the bottom of the bib or put safety pins through the tab.

For instructions on attaching your shoe chip, click here.


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