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USATF Insurance Policy as it applies to a measurer

The following information was provided by Irene Herman, USATF Insurance Advisor, in a meeting on December 1, 2011, during the 2011 USATF Annual Convention:

  1. If the measurer is a USATF member:
    1. If the event is sanctioned (meaning that sanction was already obtained before the course measurement), USATF provides Excess Medical and General Liability coverage.
  2. If the measurer is a USATF Certified Official:
    1. The measurer gets “A” above (because certified officials are always USATF members) and USATF also provides General Liability coverage for non-sanctioned events.


  • Medical coverage refers to injury to yourself. USATF provided “Excess Medical” coverage is secondary to any other medical insurance you have.
  • General Liability coverage refers to injury or property damage that you cause to someone else.
  • If you don’t have USATF provided General Liability coverage, liability claims of this sort may be payable by your home-owner’s or similar insurance plan.
  • USATF’s general liability insurance does not include coverage for professional liability (so claims for damages if the measurer makes a measurement mistake are not covered). If the measurer has a concern about being held responsible for his/her course accuracy, then he/she should consider including a waiver or hold harmless agreement in his/her contract with the event.

Gene Newman and Bob Baumel
December 27, 2011

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