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USATF Officials' Evaluations

USATF Officials Evaluations Overview

Evaluations are completed for officials who work and apply for these USATF national championship meets: Senior Indoor and Outdoor Championships, Masters Indoor and Outdoor Championships, U20 (Junior) Outdoor Championships, Junior Olympics, and Youth Indoor and Outdoor Championships.

  • Event heads write an evaluation for each of their crew members, and one or two crew members and the appropriate referee(s) write evaluations for the event head
  • Once an evaluation is submitted, the rated official is notified that it’s available online for confidential review
  • Association Certification Chairs also write recommendations to the USATF Selection Committee on all their local officials who have applied for USATF national meets.

Evaluations for the meets are comprised of two distinct parts:

1.  Selection Recommendation

This is the evaluator’s recommendation to the Selection Committee regarding the rated official’s suitability for selection for these future USATF national championship meets: Senior Indoor and Outdoor Championships, and U20 (Junior) Outdoor Championships. The information in this section is seen by the Selection Committee members and the individual official who was evaluated.

2.  Performance Appraisal

This provides feedback to the official regarding their performance at that meet. The information in this section is seen only by the individual official who was evaluated; it is not provided to the Selection Committee.

Click below to see what’s included in the evaluations:

Evaluation for Crew Members
Evaluation for Event Heads


If an official disagrees with the Selection Recommendation rating or comments, a statement of dispute can be submitted to the Evaluations Subcommittee Chair. That dispute statement is sent to the rater who can either change or affirm the original evaluation. If the original evaluation is changed, the person who filed the dispute can either agree or disagree with the revised evaluation. If there is agreement, the matter is closed. If there is still disagreement, or the rater elects not to change the original evaluation, the official may submit a rebuttal. In that case, both the original or the revised evaluation, and the rebuttal are sent to the Selection Committee for consideration in making assignments for the next year’s three major meets.

Ratings and comments in the Performance Appraisal section of the evaluation are for the official’s review only; they are not used or distributed to any other persons. Consequently, they are not subject to the dispute resolution process. Nevertheless, officials are encouraged to discuss evaluations with the raters.
For questions, contact the Evaluations Subcommittee Chair, John Shirey, at

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