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The Officials Hall of Fame has been created as a means of recognizing and honoring those officials who have provided many years of outstanding and dedicated service to our sport. This includes the disciplines of track & field, road racing, race walking, cross country, ultra running and athletics for the disabled. Those who are chosen for induction into the Officials Hall of Fame will be recognized at a special ceremony which will take place each year at the USATF Annual Meeting beginning in 2007. Like other Halls of Fame in the world of sports, the goal is to select those who have performed at the highest level for an extended period of time.

How to Nominate an Official

Nominations shall be accepted from anyone in the track & field community. They will be solicited from the general certified USATF Officials Committee. Nominations can come from other sources such as members of the National Sports Committees or Coaches Committee. There will also be solicitations of those who have been inducted into the Officials Hall of Fame. There will be press releases, announcements and notices on the Officials website and in the Officials newsletter.

The nominating form shall be available on the USATF Officials website in addition to being sent in February each year to voting members of the USATF National Officials Committee as of July 1 each year. All information on the nominee must fit on the form and one additional page which should include specific major achievements and accomplishments.

All forms must be signed by the Nominator and by two (2) seconders. Emails are acceptable.

Criteria for Nomination

Before nominating an official, check the list of current nominees on the Officials Website at here to see if the person already has been nominated. It is not necessary to fill out a new nomination form for persons who already are nominated. They remain eligible for three (3) years. This Hall of Fame is intended to honor those certified Officials who have contributed significant efforts locally, nationally and, perhaps, internationally. Nominees may be actively working, emeritus or deceased. Officials being placed in nomination shall have:

  1. Officiated for at least twenty (20) years.
  2. Served as an outstanding official for at least several levels of competition – eg: youth, high school, collegiate, open, masters, national and/or international.
  3. Officiating skills of the highest level and shall be recognized and respected by his/her peers.
  4. Received local association officials’ awards and/or national awards such as the Andy Bakjian, Horace Crowe, Charles Ruter or John Davis awards, and/or awards of recognition by the National Organization or international awards.
  5. Been a competition official displaying leadership skills and ability at home by being a mentor to younger officials. Selected to be a head official at a national or international level event. This can also include being appointed as a  coordinator or administrator.

Calendar and Dates

May 1 - Nominations are actively sought by the National Officials Hall of Fame Committee.
June 15 - All nominations are due to the Chair of the National Officials Hall of Fame Committee.
June 30 - Compilation of nominations information is completed. NOTE that this includes the carry-over nominations from previous years which were not elected. Names will remain in consideration for a maximum three (3) years without a new nominating form being submitted preparation of the nomination by the Chair and delivery to members of the Officials Hall of Fame Committee.
July 15 - Deadline for preparation of the slate of nominees.
July 29 - Preparation of the voting is completed. Information is sent to the voters who have a vote in the National Officials Committee as of July 1 and those who have already been inducted into the Officials Hall of Fame including the resumes of those nominated for review by the voters.
August 1 - Instructions sent to the voters to cast their votes electronically for selection into the Hall of Fame.
August 5 - 20 - Electronic voting if open.
August 21 - Voting closes and results of the electronically cast votes are sent to the Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee.
August 25 - Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee reviews the results and provides those results to the Awards Committee Chair, the Hall of Fame Committee and the Chair of the National Officials Committee.
September 6 - Chair of the Officials Hall of Fame sends letter of congratulation and regrets to those nominated.
September Newsletter - Provides press release of those who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame for that year at the USATF Annual Meeting, Officials Banquet.

Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate an official for the Hall of Fame, please see the nomination form linked below and be sure to follow all directions and fill in all requested information.

Click here for the current Nomination Form

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