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USA/IAAF Championship Meet Selections

2020 National Championship Meets Application

The Officials Application for 2020 USATF Track and Field championship meets is now available at this link: The window for applying will remain open until midnight (Pacific) on October 15.

ALL MASTER AND NATIONAL LEVEL OFFICIALS may apply for the four meets listed below. Selections will be made by the USATF Selection Committee on December 2-4, 2019. These meets are: 

  • USATF Indoor Championship - February 14-15, 2020 - Albuquerque, NM
  • USATF Indoor Combined Event Championship - Date/Site TBD
  • USATF U20 Championship - June 12-14, 2020 - Miramar, FL
  • U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials - June 19-28, 2020 - Eugene, OR

CERTIFICATION CHAIRS will be notified when an application from an official in their association has been entered for these meets and is ready for evaluation.

ALL OFFICIALS (including Apprentice and Association level) may also submit their interest in the following meets. Officials' information will be forwarded to the respective Officials Coordinators for these meets. Competition officials will be selected by those meets. They are: 

  • USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships - TBA
  • USATF Masters Indoor Championships - March 13-15, 2020 - Baton Rouge, LA
  • USATF Masters Outdoor Championships - July 9-12, 2020 - Greensboro, NC
  • USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships - June 23-28, 2020 - Miramar, FL
  • USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships - July 27-August 2, 2020 - Jacksonville, FL

Officials for the following meets are selected by the USATF National Selection Committee:

  • USATF Indoor and Combined Events Championships
  • USATF Outdoor and U20 Championships
  • US Olympic Team Trials
  • IAAF World Championships - held in the United States

Selection Committee Makeup

The USATF Selection Committee is made up of the following parties:

  • 2 – NOC (Chair and one other appointee)
  • 2 - Men’s T&F Cmte
  • 2 - Women’s T&F Cmte
  • 3 - Athlete’s Advisory Cmte
  • 1 - Meet Director & host Assn Certif. Chair

2021 Selections

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2020 Selections

  • USA Indoor & Outdoor Championships
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Selection Questions/Grievances

If you would like to find out why you were not selected for one of the 4 meets listed above, you must send a letter to Delores Murray - chair of the Selection Appeals Sub-Committee. Please be sure to include your Association and your Officials Certification Number so that your information can be located faster. All inquires and appeals must be submitted in writing via postal mail; no emails are permitted. Send your letter to:

Delores Murray
300 Acorn Drive
Lafayette, LA 70507

Improving Your Odds of Getting Selected

Rob Buzaitis of the Michigan Association has written a piece about things you might do to increase your odds of being selected to officiate a National Championship. It is important to note that this is Rob's personal opinion and feelings and is not in any way an official list of things to do to get selected.

Click here for Rob's opinion piece.

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