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Uniforms and Equipment 

USATF Officials National Uniform

USATF Certified Officials are expected to maintain a professional appearance and wear the USATF National Officials uniform at all USATF Track & Field, Cross Country, Race Walk, and Road Running national championship events, as well as the US Olympic Trials and any IAAF competitions in the US. Following these guidelines at non-national championships meets, regional and association championships, and other USATF sanctioned events is strongly encouraged. Officials’ coordinators and meet directors may make adjustments to these guidelines. When a polo shirt is provided by the event host it should be worn the same as the National Nike Polo.
The Officials National Uniforms consists of the following:

Ø  National solid navy blue Nike polo (2016/2017) 
Ø  Light khaki slacks, shorts or cargo style pants or cargo style shorts
Ø  Brown or khaki belt         
Ø  Nike or non-branded athletic-style shoes
Ø  White socks
Ø  National rain suit for inclement weather or non-branded rain gear
Ø  National cold weather coat or non-branded coat
Ø  National solid navy blue Nike polo (2016/2017) - either the women’s style (can be worn out) or unisex style (is to be tucked in)
Ø  Light khaki slacks, Capri pants, skirts, skorts or shorts. Skirts, skorts and shorts are medium or long, i.e. Bermuda or knee length shorts
Ø  Brown or khaki belt
Ø  Nike or non-branded athletic-style shoes
Ø  White socks
Ø  National rain suit for inclement weather or non-branded rain gear
Ø  National cold weather coat or non-branded coat
Ø  Red sleeved or polo style shirts
Ø  Red blazers for TV/national meets
Ø  All other National uniform requirements are to be met
Hats worn for outdoor events should be a national-issued ball cap or hat, or plain white in color ball cap with small or no logo, USATF or meet pin only. Plain, khaki color bucket hat.
Jackets and Rain Gear
The national jacket or national rain suit may be worn at USATF national championships. If an official does not have a national jacket or rain suit, then a non-branded jacket of the same color or non-branded rain gear may be worn. At non-USATF or local events, jackets or rain gear may have an association logo if permissible at that event.
National Photo ID
The national photo ID is to be worn whenever the national uniform is worn.
As a USATF Certified Official your appearance matters
A part of your responsibility is maintaining a professional appearance at all events. You, as a Certified Official, are a representative of your association and USATF. The goal is to work as a team to provide the best officiating, and to look like a team.

USATF Officials' Polo Shirt

The navy blue Nike USATF Officials’ uniform polo is provided free to all newly certified or recertified officials. Uniform polos are sent to all officials once their certification requirements are complete. All officials may order additional polos from the Team USATF Store by going to This is a password-protected page. Contact your local association certification chair to obtain the password.

National Rain Gear and Outerwear

The rain gear and jacket can be purchased through Boathouse Sports, however you must have a current USATF Officials Certification Number to do so. The Boathouse "store" for USATF Officials is open periodically throughout the year and orders may only be placed during those open periods.  To see if the store is open and sign up to be notified by Boathouse for when the store will be open, please visit the store at

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