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USATF SafeSport Compliance List

This list represents current USATF members who have successfully completed all SafeSport Compliance requirements having:

  1. a current USATF membership;

  2. successfully passed an extensive USATF background screen pertinent to their role within USATF;

  3. successfully completed the SafeSport Trained Core training.

Those seeking benefits of the USATF Coaches Registry must satisfy all the above SafeSport Compliance requirements and fulfill the Education Standard. In order to meet all requirements of the USATF Coaches Registry, an individual must appear on BOTH the Education Standard List (with a green check mark) and the below SafeSport Compliance list.

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USATF currently requires the members of the following groups to be listed on the USATF SafeSport Compliance List:  Board of Directors, registered coaches, certified officials, authorized agents, National Team staff, National Committee Chairs, Association leadership, Youth Committee members, AAC Committee Members, AAC Event Leaders, all meet volunteers in an official capacity, Youth Camp staff, and vendors with access to athletes.  These individuals must have a USATF membership, have successfully completed the appropriate USATF background screen, and have successfully completed SafeSport training before having contact with athletes, and in any event, within forty-five (45) days of assuming such position within USATF. 
Additionally, National Office Staff are all USATF 3-step SafeSport compliant as a condition of employment and will not be listed on this SafeSport Compliance List.

USATF and its third-party background screen provider make no warranties about the post "date verified" date status of any individual's background.



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