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NFHS Hosted Courses 

USATF Coaching Education, The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the NCAA are pleased to offer online fundamental courses intended for coaches, parents, volunteers or officials at any level. These courses include Coaching Cross Country, Coaching Track and Field, and Coaching Pole Vault. These online courses are designed to deliver the highest quality professional development online at an affordable cost. 

About Coaching Cross Country
Cross Country is a demanding sport requiring great fitness, endurance and a driving desire to compete. It is also a team sport that is won or lost by individuals racing against others and against themselves. To help coaches meet the demands of the sport, the NFHS has partnered with USA Track and Field to develop Coaching Cross Country.

Here, you will learn how to develop a training plan, delve into the psychology and mental toughness of long distance runners, discover how to identify, treat and prevent common injuries and much more.

About Coaching Track and Field
The Coaching Track and Field online course is designed for the adult learner to spend approximately two-three hours completing the course. The course is hosted by USATF Olympians, Dan O’Brien and Hyleas Fountain. Dan and Hyleas, as multi- event medalists on the world class level of competition know how important it is for every coach to understand and be able to coach an athlete in the broad events of track and field. Coaching Track and Field is designed to give you video examples of teaching drills, offer sample workouts, and introduce the basic skills needed for each athlete to reach their full potential as they develop and pursue a long career in track and field.
As a member of USATF, you will receive a $10 discount from the NFHS price of $75 when you register for this course.

About Coaching Pole Vault
Hosted by Olympic legends, Stacy Dragila and Jeff Hartwig, the course has been designed to help both coaches and athletes with the introductory skills of pole vaulting. Coaches will learn to develop and teach these skills to their athletes while gaining a better understanding of the fundamentals of pole vaulting. The course is built to share the best practices and techniques that will help educate and promote safety in the sport.
This course is free to anyone who has an NFHS Learn account.  

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  1. 1) The online courses are hosted on the NFHS website. If you do not have a NFHS learn account you will need to create one in order to access and/or purchase the above courses. You can register by going to the following link, and clicking Register.
    2) Once you have an account you can preview, access and purchase the courses.
    3) At completion of the course, your name will be recorded on the NFHS database, and your certificate will be sent to you electronically.
    4) In addition to the "Coaching Cross Country", “Coaching Track and Field” and “Coaching Pole Vault”, the NFHS website offers other courses which qualify a coach to receive a NFHS accreditation and receive other benefits including a certified license in the sport and liability insurance through the NFHS Coaches Association.


  • Recognition as a NFHS certified coach
  • Work at your own pace with the ability to enter and reenter the course to meet your personal schedule
  • Skills and knowledge in the broad event areas of track and field, running, jumping and throwing
  • Access to a resource section for equipment, training programs in all events and management skills for running a track meet
  • Preparation (but not a requirement) to attend a USATF Level 1 school
  • Receive a certification recognized by NFHS and it member state associations in meeting employment standards for interscholastic coaching.

As they say on the NFHS site "GET CERTIFIED", and start your path to a full program of professional coaching courses with USATF Coaching Education today!

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