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USATF Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) Offerings

In partnership with the Department of Kinesiology, School of Public Health – Bloomington, Indiana University, USATF will now offer CEUs (continuing education units) to individuals seeking to obtain credit for courses offered by the USATF Coaching Education Department. This partnership demonstrates a higher education endorsement of the provided content.
Credit Requirements:

  1. Complete approved USATF course from the listing below.

  2. Submit online application form, including proof of course completion (i.e. copy of certificate of completion) and required payment.

Once the application is approved, an official CEU certificate detailing the program, date of completion, and amount of CEU's earned will be mailed to the applicant; allow six (6) weeks for delivery. Please note CEU certificate is not a transcript nor intended for transfer or elective credit use in a degree program. It is your responsibility to determine if CEUs will be accepted by your licensing agency or affiliated organization.
Course Information:
The following courses and certifications have been approved for credit:
Professional Pathway

  • Level 1 (21 classroom and laboratory hours – 2 CEUs) - $90

    • This course emphasizes the fundamentals, rules, safety/risk management and instruction techniques of track & field. Accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE), this course prepares individuals to coach at the junior high school, high school and junior age-division levels. Level 1 certification must be current in order to receive credit; no credit will be provided for certification earned prior to 2013 unless recertification requirements were completed.

  • Level 2 Sports Science Module (14 classroom hours – 1 CEU) - $45

    • Successful completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for obtaining any Level 2 CEU credit. This course requires successful completion of sport science lectures covering biomechanics, physiology and psychology & training theory. Credit is available only to first-time attendees.

  • Level 2 Event-Specific Area Certifications (32.5 classroom hours – 3 CEUs) - $135

    • CEUs may be obtained for each event-specific area completed. The current areas provided include: sprints/hurdles/relays, endurance, jumps, throws, combined events or youth specialization. Teaching methods include video analysis, group projects, classroom instruction and hands-on training.

Online Courses

  • USATF Campus (Any combination of two courses is eligible for 1 CEU - $90
    • Basic Principles of Endurance Training (5 classroom hours)
    • Acute Fatigue Due to Training and Competition (5 classroom hours)
    • Chronic Fatigue Due to Overtraining (5 classroom hours)
    • Energy Systems and Motor Performance Abilities in Athletes (5 classroom hours)
    • Physiological Development Through the Athlete's Lifespan (5 classroom hours)
    • Skill Acquisition: The Skill Learning Process, Pt. 1 (5 classroom hours)
    • Skill Acquisition: Movement Technique Analysis, Pt. 2 (5 classroom hours)
    • Skill Acquisition: Essential Coaching Pedagogy, Pt. 3 (5 classroom hours)
    • Sport Specific Strength and Power (5 classroom hours)
    • Training Science (5 classroom hours)

Specialty Courses

  • Cross Country Specialization Course (10 classroom/laboratory hours – 1 CEU) - $45

    • This course is designed to serve as a technical class comprised of: laboratory training sessions, cross country specialty drills, periodization training for the cross country season, team-building strategies and long-term athlete development for endurance runners.

  • Learn by Doing Suite (16 laboratory hours) - $45

    • This course is designed for coaches of all experience levels to become skilled in the major events of track & field: sprints and hurdles, jumps, throws, middle and long distance running. The clinic is available to all who are interested, regardless of training or certification. Coaches will learn the actual coaching of techniques, drill progressions and coaching cues with error correction and video analysis. Participants will shadow USATF Master Coaches in a day of practicum on the field, teaching and demonstrating. Completion of all four event areas is required prior to submitting for a CEU.

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