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Level 1 Schools

Hosting a Level 1 school is a great benefit to your track & field community as well as an opportunity to share your coaching expertise with other coaches and athletes. Interested applicants should be graduates of the USATF Instructor Training Course and should review the Coaching Education Administration Manual.

How To Apply

To host a school an applicant must complete the application below. Applicants should include any additional information that might assist USATF in the application review process.

Download the application form (PDF)

Email or fax completed application forms to:

USATF Coaching Programs Coordinator
Phone: 317-713-4667

Selection Process

Applications must be received no later than 14 weeks prior to the date of the proposed school. The applications will be reviewed, and the school director will be contacted within two weeks.

Factors used to select proposed schools include: geographical location, dates for which the school is scheduled, quality of past schools (in the case of a repeat site), and conflicts with USATF events or other schools.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee the school will be approved. Although USATF encourages directors to plan the logistics of the school, it is recommended they not be implemented until formal written notification has been received.

Approved Schools

Once the application to host a school has been approved, the school director will receive an informational packet with additional details. Each school director will be required to submit a promotional flyer for the school, which will be used to promote the school on the USATF website. Download the promotional flyer here.

Level 1 Regional Coordinators

Level 1 Regional Coordinators are positioned in different areas of the country to host schools and assist School Directors in their region. If you have questions about getting a school in your area or want help hosting your own school, please contact one of the regional coordinators listed below.

West Region
Dave Mills

West Region (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico)
Chris Richardson

New England Region
Jonathan Hill

Southeast Region
Shawn Venable

Midwest, East Region
Dave Pavlansky

Level 2 - Event Specific Course

The Level 2 - Event Specific Course has typically been hosted on a college campus. If your university is interested in hosting a USATF Level 2 course, please contact the USATF Director of Coaching, Terry Crawford at 317-713-4671.

Level 3 Seminars

Level 3 Seminar Approval

*The seminar pathway is currently under revision. No seminars will be approved for Level 3 credit during this time. The USATF/IAAF Academy will be the only pathway for candidates to earn Level 3 certification during the curriculum review period.
Throughout the year various courses are designated by USATF Coaching Education as Level 3 Seminars. This designation allows a coach to attend the course for Level 3 credit. If you are interested in getting your coaching seminar designated as a USATF Level 3 Seminar please review the following requirements and approval process.

Level 3 Symposium Approval Process
Individuals interested in a Level 3 seminar designation are required to:
  1. Submit symposium topics, instructors and schedule for review and approval 90 days prior to opening of the symposium.
  2. Submit a non-refundable symposium application fee of $25 along with the application materials.
  3. Submit assessment questions prior to symposium start for final approval.
The review and approval process will be conducted and agreed upon by the Level 3 oversight committee consisting of the USATF Director of Coaching, the Coaching Education Committee Chair and a Level 3 Coordinator. The application will be reviewed according to the following criteria:
  • Seminar should include a minimum of six hours of instruction
  • Seminar must include at least 3 hours of sport science material
  • Instructors and presenters must demonstrate a minimum level of competency including but not limited to: USATF Level 3 certification, IAAF Level V certification, Academic credential at master’s degree or above and/or experience on a national or international level
Upon final approval of the above-mentioned requirements, the symposium director will pay a $300 licensing fee. Symposium attendees that wish to apply for level 3 credit must submit a profile sheet and post-symposium assessment assignment along with a $25 fee within 30 days of symposium completion.

Application fee, materials and questions regarding the Level 3 Seminar approval process can be directed to USATF Director of Coaching:

Terry Crawford
USA Track & Field
130 E. Washington St.
Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204
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