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The Masters Long Distance Running (MLDR) Sports Committee of USA Track & Field (USATF) has jurisdiction for all off-track running at all distances and track running at distances over 10,000 meters for Masters men and women. The MLDR Committee shall institute, conduct and manage national and regional championships in its discipline. The MLDR Committee coordinates the domestic and international MLDR calendar and approves records for MLDR events.

The MLDR Committee welcomes all bid application forms for its championship events. Currently, annually there are MLDR National Championships on the road at 1 Mile, 5 km, 8 km, 10 km, 12 km, 15 km, Half Marathon and Marathon. The 12 km event is held in conjunction with the Open 12 km Championships. There are also three MLDR Cross Country Championships each year. Two are held in conjunction with Open Cross Country Championships. They are the National Club Cross Country Championships and the USA Cross Country Championships. There is also a ‘stand-alone’ Masters 5 km Cross Country Championships each year. At this time there are no separate Mountain, Ultra and Trail (MUT) National Master Championships nor are there any MLDR Championship events on the track (longer than 10,000m). The MLDR Committee will consider all bid applications submitted.

The MLDR Committee will appoint a Championship Race Liaison to ensure that each MLDR National Championship is conducted according to the Rules, Regulations and expected Championship standards set by USATF and the USATF MLDR Committee. This document expands on those expectations. The MLDR Committee is the designated Games Committee for these championship events and delegates much responsibility to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and to their Race Director. The Race Liaison and the MLDR Championships Coordinator will work closely with the LOC, their Event Director and other race officials to facilitate a successful event. The MLDR Sports Committee shall appoint the Race Liaison, the Referee and the Jury of Appeal for each MLDR Championship event.

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Questions should be directed to the MLDR Championships Coordinator.


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