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Masters LDR Rankings

2012 Masters Long Distance Road Runners of the Year

With the Masters LDR rankings being on the USATF website, we have made a few modifications.   Foreign athletes will not be ranked.   Also new this year is the Average Age Grade, which is calculated using the top four races for each ranked runner.

As always, our prime criterion is Age Grading.   We also take into consideration the number of races run, the diversity of distances, head-to-head competition, and the presence of regional/national prestigious races and championships, where strong competition is likely to be found.

Our result gathering, although better than ever, is not perfect.  To ensure your results are evaluated, please send them to me at

We appreciate any feedback.

1.     Kevin Castille (40, KY) Average AG: 95.16%
            HM   Jazz Half Marathon                   1:04:15
2.     Chris Juarez (41, VA) Average AG: 93.71%
            10mi Cherry Blossom                              51:10
3.     Malcolm Campbell (41, GA) Average AG: 91.83%
            5km Syracuse Festival of Races            14:53

Honorable Mention:   Mark Andrews, Eric Ashton, Christian Cushing Murray, Joseph Ekuom, Ian Forsyth, Ian Gillespie, Tim Gore, Jae Yung Hyung, Fred Kieser, Joseph Koec Chad Newton, Jason Ryf, Uli Steidl

1.       Mbarak Hussein (47, NM) Average AG: 93.75%
            12km Lilac Bloomsday                           37:16
2.       Tracy Lokken (46, MI) Average AG: 92.20%
            MAR Twin Cities Marathon               2:25:38
3.       Sean Wade (46, TX) Average AG: 92.15%
            5km Heights Fun Run                              15:20

Honorable Mention: Dan Arsenault, James Derick, John Dood, Andrew Gardiner, Mark Hixson, Kent Lemme, Jimmy Lynch, Titus Mutinda, Paul Thompson, Alan Wells

1.       Peter Magill (51, CA) Average AG: 98.29%
            5km Surf City Run                                   15:32
2.       Dennis Simonaitis (50, UT) Average AG: 95.25%
            5km Applied Materials                            15:14
3.       Keith Long (54, KS) Average AG: 92.68%
            10km Easter Sun Run                              33:28

Honorable Mention:  Patrick Billig, Pete Bottomley, Barry Brandt, Kevin Broady, Chris Chisholm, Robert Cipriano, Matt Ebiner, Ken Ernst, Craig Fram, Paul Hammond, Kevin Miller, Mark Reeder, Bob Schwelm, Derrick Staley, Martin Tighe,  Paul Zimmerman

1.       Brian Pilcher (56, CA) Average AG: 95.94%
            10km Marin Memorial                            32:56
2.       Norm Larson (56, VT) Average AG: 94.30%
            10mi Cherry Blossom                              55:35
3.       Ken Youngers (56, GA) AverageAG: 91.65%
            5km Syracuse Festival of Races            16:43

Honorable Mention:  Charlie Andrews, Rick Becker, Steve Calidonna, Dale Campbell, David Cannon, Stephen Chantry, Chuck Crabb, Greg Diamond, Pete Gibson, Keith Long, Tom McCormack, Pete Orban, Maurice Pointer, Mark Rybinski, Doug Steadman, Reno Stirrat, KC Taylor, Dave Walters

1.       Terry McCluskey (64, OH) Average AG: 92.10%
          10mi Cherry Blossom                            1:00:10
2.       Nolan Shaheed (63, CA) Average AG: 91.76%
            5km Carlsbad 5000                                 17:20
3.       Peter Mullin (61, TX) Average AG: 89.89%
            5km Syracuse Festival of Races            17:45

Honorable Mention:  Doug Bell, Tom Bernhard, Michael Coyne, Nash Jimenez, Richard Larsen, Gordon MacFarland, Gary Moss,  Roger Price, Gary Romesser, Dean Rowland, Greg Wilson, Keith Woodward

1.       Jan Frisby (68, CO) Average AG: 90.71%
            5km Thanksgiving Day Classic             18:34
2.       Ron Legg (67, OH) Average AG: 89.27%
            10km Oktoberfest                                    39:13
3.       Ronald Wells (66, CA) Average AG: 86.83%
          5km Carlsbad 5000                                   18:53

Honorable Mention:  Julio Aguirre, Paul Caisse, Paul Deladurante, Ron Enos, Thomas Maile, Harold Nolan, Jim Noone, Herve Pastre, Gary Patton, JL Seymore, Al Wieringa

1.       Doug Goodhue (70, MI) Average AG: 89.49%
            10km Dexter-Ann Arbor                          40.22
2.       Hans Schmid (72, CA) Average AG: 89.38%
            10km Marin Memorial Day                   40:45
3.       Richard Stotlar (72, FL) Average AG: 88.54%
            HM Myrtle Beach Half Marathon    1:29:42

Honorable Mention: Bill Borla, Joe Burgasser, Mike Kirkwood, Lawson Noyes, John Ouweleen, Jack Thornhill

1.       William Riley (76, MA) Average AG: 91.79%
            5km Jack Kerouac 5k                              20:53
2.       Charles Rose ( 79, NC) Average AG:91.58%
            10km Hit the Brixx                                  47:42
3.       Bill Iffrig (78, WA) Average AG: 89.72%
            8km Beat the Bridge                                35:01

Honorable Mention:  Witold Bialokur, Ino Cantu, Harry Carter, Al Finger, Edwin Harris, Frank Hurt,  Lloyd Slocum

1.       Geoffrey Etherington (83, MA) Average AG: 92.36%
            5km Memorial Day                                  24:23
2.       Jerry Johncock (84, MI) Average AG: 82.74%
            10km Steve’s Raider Stomp                   57:37
3.       George Yannakakis (80, MD) Average AG: 81.46%
            HM High Cloud Half Marathon        1:59:02

Honorable Mention: Joe Fernandez, Herman Graham , Clarence Hartley, Charles Kern, Jim Lynch, John McMahon

1.       Hugh Campbell (88, DE) Average AG: 96.65%
            5km Syracuse Festival of Races            26:45
2.       Lou Lodovico (88, PA) Average AG: 88.91%
            10km Great Race                                  1:03:58
3.       Robert McKeague (87, IL) Average AG: 79.98%
            5km Race that’s Good for Life              31:54

Honorable Mention: Charles Dotson, Bert Jablon, Lou Peters, Edward Powers

1.       Bill Tribou (91, CT)Average AG: 78.05%
            5km Shamrock                                        39/.33
2.       John Smartt (93, TN) Average AG: 73.55%
            5km Dogwood Classic                             46:36
3.       Bill Benson (93, NY) Average AG: 68.93%
            5km Angels on the Bay                           51:39

Honorable Mention: Charles Dotson, George Etweiler, George Whitney

1.       Nuta Olaru (42, CO) Average AG:  91.85%
            MAR Twin Cities Marathon               2:36:57
2.       Sheri Piers (41, ME) Average AG: 91.32%
            MAR Twin Cities Marathon               2:36:59
3.       Molly Watcke (41, OH) Average AG: 90.57%
            10km Oktoberfest                                    34:36

Honorable Mention: Sonja Friend-Uhl, Kara Haas, Kathleen Jobes, Chris Kimbrough, Kris Paaso

1.     Colleen De Reuck (47, CO) Average AG: 93.86%
        10km Peachtree                                        33:29
2.     (tie)Trina Painter (46, AZ) Average AG: 92.40%
        10km Tufts                                                34:42   
2.     (tie)Lisbet Sunshine (48, CA) Average AG: 92.40%
        MAR Olympic Trials                            2:46:20

Honorable Mention: Emily Bryans, Cheryl Collins Gatons, Stephanie Herbst-Lucke, Jenny Hitchings, Lori Kingsley, Laurel Park, Maria Servin, Midiori Sperandeo, Valerie Young 

1.       Linda Somers Smith (51, CA) Average AG: 99.60%
            MAR Olympic Trials                            2:37:36
2.       Doreen McCoubrie (50, PA) Average AG: 91.70%
            10mi Broad Street Run                        1:00:35
3.       Meghan Arbogast (51, OR) Average AG: 90.68%
            MAR Twin Cities Marathon               2:53:22

Honorable Mention: Eileen Brennan-Erler, Lee DiPietro, Yumi Ogita, Joan Samuelson, Maria Servin, Susi Smith, Deborah Torneden, Carmen Ayala Troncoso

1.       Christine Kennedy (57, CA) Average AG: 98.95%
            MAR Chicago                                        2:56:04
2.       Joan Samuelson (55, ME) Average AG: 95.97%
            5km Freihofer’s                                         18:23
3.     Nancy Stewart (56, GA) Average AG: 94.30%
            10 mi Cherry Blossom                               1:04:34

Honorable Mention: Nancy Briskie, Victoria Crisp, Linda Jennings, Nancy Smith, Ellie Tucker,Sharon Vos

1.       Kathryn Martin (60, NY) Average AG: 97.09%
            5mi Join the Voices                                   31.52
2.       Sabra Harvey (63, TX) Average AG: 96.33%
            5km Wellness 5k                                       20:32
3.       Barbara Broad(62, OH) Average AG: 93.44%
            MAR Twin Cities Marathon               3:18:40

Honorable Mention: Erika Campbell, Victoria Crisp, Sherry Hall Curl, Karen Durante, Linda Jennings, Judy Phelps, Coreen Steinbach, Edie Stevenson, Catherine Wides

1.       Jan Holmquist (68, MA) Average AG: 98.79%
            5km Run for All Ages                              21:14
2.       Nancy Rollins (65, IL) Average AG: 94.84%
            5km Race that’s Good for Life              21:41
3.       Judy Fisher (68, WA) Average AG: 91.35%
            5km Ruston Way                                     23:32

Honorable Mention: Susan Gustafson, Joy Hampton, Sylvie Kimche, Mary Preisel, Gretchen Read, Cheryl Vail, Elfridea Wyner

1.       Barbara Miller (73, CA) Average AG: 97.01%
            5km Women’s Fitness                             23:47
2.       Margie Stoll (71, TN) Average AG: 92.50%
            5mi Syracuse Festival of Races             24:30
3.       Dorothy Little (73, CA) Average AG: 88.55%
            5km Carlsbad 5000                                 24:37

Honorable Mention: Joan Coven, Sharon Dolan, Sandra Folzer, Sue Gardinier, Bonnie McCloe, Heidi Moebius, Ellen Nitz, Anna Thornhill,  Zofia Turosz

1.       Libby James (76, CO) Average AG: 101.23%
            5km Freihofer’s                                         23:31
2.       Anne Garrett (78, CA) Average AG: 92.63%
            5km Carlsbad 5000                                 27:13
3.       Ginette Bedard (78, NY) Average AG: 91.22%
            HM MORE Half Marathon                2:04:31   

Honorable Mention: Imme Dyson, Polly Kenniston, Marie Killeen, Marilyn Olsen, YoshikoTakahashi

1.       Lois Gilmore (81, WI) Average AG: 87.93%
            5km Race that’s Good for Life              30:40
2.       Margretta Lutz (83, PA) Average AG: 78.67%
            10km Great Race                                  1:15:12
3.       Anny Stockman (80, NY) Average AG: 76.54%
            15km Doug Bowman Winter              1:44:30

Honorable Mention: Carolyn Hathaway, Marjorie Kagan, Ruth Ketron

1.       Harriette Thompson (89, NC) Average AG: 88.12%
            8km Elizabeth Festival                        1:09:12
2.       Dottie Gray (87, KS) Average AG: 73.02%
            4mi Trolley Run                                        57:18
3.       Margaret Hagerty (89, NC) Average AG: 69.55%
            5km HFFA Freedom                                53:02

Honorable Mention:  Betty Lindberg, Esther Pelletier, Barbara Stinson


Honorable Mention:  Virginia Bell,  Niki Bowman, Betty Hutchinson, Winnie McIver, Tush Metcalf, Rita Pekara, Mary Wise 


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