Chaunte Lowe

Chaunte Lowe

Event: High Jump, Long Jump
Height: 5-9
Weight: 131
PR: High Jump - 2.05m/6-8.75 (2010), Long Jump - 6.90m/22-07.75 (2010)
Born: 01/12/1984
Current Residence: Loganville, Ga.
Hometown: Riverside, Calif.
High School: J.W. North (Riverside, Calif.) H.S. '02
College: Georgia Tech '06
Coach: Nat Page
Sponsor: NIKE

USATF Championships
Seven-time USATF Outdoor champion – 2015 (1.91m/6-3.25); 2014 (1.94m/6-4.25); 2012 (2.01m/6-7); 2010 (2.05m/6-08.75); 2009 (1.95m/6-4.75); 2008 (1.97m/6-05.5); 2006 (2.01m/ 6-07)
Two-time USATF Outdoor runner-up – 2005 (1.90m/6-02.75); 2004 (1.95m/6-4.75)
Two-time USATF Indoor champion - 2006 (1.95m/6-4.75); 2012 (2.02m/6-7.5AR)
2010 USATF Outdoor runner-up in long jump (6.90m/22-7.75)

International Championships
2010 World Indoor bronze medalist (1.98m/6-6)
2005 World Outdoor silver medalist (2.00m/6-6.75)
2003 Pan Am Junior bronze medalist  (1.81m/5-11.75)

Collegiate Championships
2005 NCAA Indoor champion (1.92/6-3.5)
2004 NCAA Indoor (1.92m/6-3.50);& Outdoor champion (1.93m/6-4)
2003 NCAA Outdoors tied for second (1.86m/6-01.25)

Awards and Honors
2012 Indoor Visa Championship Series winner
2010 Outdoor Visa Championship Series winner
Current indoor and outdoor American record holder
About Chaunté
Lowe’s high school coach didn’t want her to try the high jump because he wanted to keep her in the sprints. Little did he know that she would go on to become one of the best high jumpers not only in the U.S. but also the world. Thankfully, Lowe (ne√© Howard) was able to convince her high school coach to let her try the high jump. After moving across the country to study at Georgia Tech and train with jumps coach Nat Page, Lowe was able to realize her childhood dream of going to the Olympics at only 20-years-old, making her the first woman from Georgia Tech’s track and field team to become an Olympian.  The following year, Lowe won silver at the 2005 World Championships to become the first American woman to win a world outdoor championships high jump medal since Louise Ritter won bronze at the inaugural event in Helsinki in 1983. Lowe is always a crowd favorite with impossibly defined abs, dramatic dance moves and even the occasional back flip. Lowe graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in economics and Finance. Days after returning from the 2012 Olympic Games, started teaching trigonometry at Grayson High School in Atlanta. Married triple jumper Mario Lowe on August 21, 2005, and gave birth to daughter Jasmine in July 2007 and Aurora in April 2011.

Events & Rankings:Results
 1st at Drake Relays (1.96m/6-5); 9th at Nike Prefontaine Classic (1.88m/6-2); 2nd at USA Outdoors (1.94m/6-4.25)
2012: 6th at Olympic Games (1.97m/6-5.5); 1st at London (2.00m/6-6.75); 1st at Paris (1.97m/6-5.5); 1st at Olympic Trials (2.01m/6-7); 2nd at Torino (1.92m/6-3.5); 1st at Oslo (1.97m/6-5.5); 3rd at Pre Classic (1.97m/6-5.5); 1st at Shanghai (1.92m/6-3.5); 1st at Drake Relays (1.98m/6-6); 1st at World Indoor (1.98m/6-6); 1st at USA Indoor HJ (2.02m/6-7.5AR) 6th in LJ (6.39m/20-11.75);
2011: Limited competition due to maternity; 9th at USA outdoors (1.78m/5-10)
2010: 2nd at Paris and Stockholm (2.00m/6-6.75); 2nd at Oslo (2.01m/6-7);1st at Lausitzer (2.04m/6-8.25);1st USA outdoors high jump (2.05m/6-08.75) and 2nd in long jump (6.90m/22-07.75); 2nd in Doha (1.98m/6-6); 3rd at World Indoors (1.98m/6-6); 1st at USA Indoor; 
2009: 7th at World Outdoors (1.96m/6-5); 2nd at Oslo (1.98m/6-6): 3rd at Rome (1.97m/6-5.5); 1st at USA Outdoor (1.95m/6-4.75)
2008: 6th at Olympic Games (1.99m/6-6.25); 5th at Oslo (1.94m/6-4.25); 7th at Berlin (1.93m/6-4); Olympic Trials champion (1.97m/6-05.5);  1st at adidas Track Classic (1.98m/6-62007: did not compete (maternity)
2006: USA Outdoor champion (2.01m/ 6-07); USA Indoor champion (1.95m/6-4.75); 1st at Boston Indoor Games (1.95m/6-4.75); 1st at Millrose Games (1.93m/6-4); 2nd at Nike Prefontaine Classic (1.96m/6-0.500); 5th at Meeting Gaz de France Paris Saint-Denis (1.94m/6-4.25); 4th at Golden Gala (1.94m/6-4.25); 1st at Athletissima (1.99m/6-6.25)
2005: 4th at World Athletics Final (1.93m/6-4); 2nd at World Outdoor Championships (2.00m/6-6.75):1st at Liege (2.00m/6-6.75PR); 4th at Monaco (1.93m/6-4);1st at Heusden (2.00m/6-6.75); 2nd at USA Outdoor Championships (1.90m/6-02.75); ACC Champion (1.95m/6-4.75); NCAA Indoor Champion (1.92/6-3.5)  
2004: 13th in qualifying round at Olympic Games (1.85m/6-0.75); 2nd in Munich (1.93m/6-4); 2nd at U.S. Olympic Trials (1.95m/6-4.75); NCAA Outdoor champion (1.93m/6-4); ACC Outdoor champion (1.95m/6-4.75); NCAA Indoor champion (1.92m/6-3.50i); ACC Indoor champion (1.90m/6-2.75); 
2003: 3rd at Pan Am Juniors (1.81m/5-11.75); 4th at USA Outdoors (1.89m/6-2.25); tied for second at NCAA Outdoors (1.86m/6-01.25);1st at ACC Outdoors;
2002: 4th at USA Juniors (1.76m/5-09.25); 1st at National Scholastics (1.87m/6-1.50); All-America honors in the triple jump and 4x200m relay
2001: 1st at National Scholastics (1.84m/6-0.50); California state champion in the high jump; All-America honors in the 4x100, 4x200, 4x400m relays

USA/World Rankings and Personal Bests
Indoor bests - 1.77m/5-9.75; Outdoor bests - 1.96m/6-5
2012: Indoor bests - 2.02m/6-7.5 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 2 in the world); Outdoor bests - 2.01m/6-7 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 5 in the world, ranked No. 1 in the USA, No. 3 in the world by T&FN)
2011: limited competition due to maternity
2010: Indoor bests – 1.98m/6-6.0 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 6 in the world); Outdoor bests – 2.05m/6-8.75(No. 1 in the USA by T&FN, No. 1 in the world, ranked No. 2 in the world by T&FN)
2009: Indoor bests – 1.89m/6-2.25 (No. 7 in the USA, No. 30 in the world); Outdoor bests – 1.98m/6-6 (No. 1 in the USA by T&FN, No. 8 in the world, ranked No. 5 in the world by T&FN)
2008: Indoor bests – 1.89m/6-2.25 (No. 4 in the USA, No. in the world 49); Outdoor bests – 1.99m/6-6.25  (No. 1 in the USA by T&FN, No. 7 in the world, ranked No. 6 in the world by T&FN)
2007: did not compete due to maternity
2006: Indoor bests – 1.95m/6-4.75 (No. 1 in the USA, No. 13  in the world); Outdoor bests –  2.01m/6-07. (No. 1 in the USA by T&FN, No. 5 in the world, ranked No. 6 in the world by T&FN)
2005: Indoor bests – 1.92m/6-3.50 (No. 2 in the USA, No. 22 in the world); Outdoor bests – 2.00m/6-6.75 (No. 1 in the USA by T&FN, No. 3 in the world, ranked No. 2 in the world by T&FN)
2004: Indoor bests – 1.92m/6-3.50 (No.2  in the USA, No. 29 in the world); Outdoor bests – 1.98/6-6 (No.3  in the USA by T&FN, No. 11 in the world)
2003: Indoor bests – 1.85/6-0.75 (No. 7 in the USA); Outdoor bests – 1.89m/6-2.25. (No. 6 in the USA)
2002: Indoor bests – 1.78m/5-10; Outdoor bests – 1.87m/6-1.50. (No.4  in the USA)
2001: Outdoor bests – 1.84m/6-0.50. (No. 9 in the USA)