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USATF Race Walking
tim & Nick
photo by Calvin Lau

Race walking is an event contested in all levels of the sport of track & field, from youth athletics up to and including the Olympic Games. Race walking combines the endurance of the long distance runner with the attention to technique of a hurdler or shot putter. Producing less impact, this technically demanding event continues to grow in popularity across the younger and older age groups for its fitness and competitive aspects.

Erin Taylor-Talcott
photo by Calvin Lau

Race walking differs from running in that it requires the competitor to maintain contact with the ground at all times and requires the leading leg to be straightened as the foot makes contact with the ground. It must remain straightened until the leg passes under the body. Judges evaluate the technique of race walkers and report fouls which may lead to disqualification. All judging is done by the eye of the judge and no outside technology is used in making judging decisions.

This area of the USATF website is intended to be a resource for Race Walkers and those who want information about the event.

photo by Calvin Lau

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