Phelps Grove to Fassnight Park
Distance: 3.05686851288475 miles / 4.919553 km
Location: Start: Phelps Grove Parking Lot
Phelps Grove, Fassnight Creek Greenway - Springfield, MO, US
Attributes: out & back, mostly flat, paved path
Description: Tour two of Springfield's historic parks and the Fassnight Creek Greenway connecting them. Start at Phelps Grove Parking lot, follow route west across the park, along the sidewalk on Bennett St. Leave the sidewalk to catch the Fassnight Creek Greenway near Jefferson Avenue. Follow the greenway to Fassnight Park, turning around at Grant Avenue. follow the same path back to Phelps Grove, taking a victory loop to the north of the park and back down the middle, to make it a full 5K.

Added by Jenny Edwards on 11/18/2020 11:26:04 PM
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